Thursday, 1 January 2009

Ten years of walking

Today is the tenth anniversary of my first walk, which was only seven miles out of the 14,000 that I have completed since. That walk was a short stroll from the Cat and Fiddle pub over Shining Tor, the highest point in Cheshire. To celebrate, ┼×encan and I are going to do another short walk, ten years to the day after my first.

I look back on the last ten years, and I wonder how that 25-year old man would have felt if he had known what the next ten years would bring - the walk around the coastline of Britain; the knowledge that my decade-long injury would be healed enough for me to be able to walk such vast distances; the fact that I have taken my career off on a strange and risky tangent.

Perhaps he would never have walked again. Or perhaps he would have smiled, seen a hill, and thought, "I must climb that".

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