Monday, 9 February 2009

House tidying

We've got the Landlady coming around this evening for an inspection. As well as doing the usual (cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming etcetera), I have to decide what to do with the magazines and newspapers laying around the place. We've got various cubbyholes we can put our reading material out of view, but I don't want the house to look unloved. For this reason I want to leave a couple of things out.

So which newspaper gives the best impression? We have many copies of the Times and Guardian around, but which one to leave on top of the pile? The Guardian and Times both give very different impressions, although either is far better than (say) the Sun or the News of the World. I wonder what my Landlady would think if I left a copy of the Daily Sport out...

Then there are the magazines. We subscribe to the Economist, the London Review of Books and Private Eye. The latter is by far my favourite, but I think LRB or the Economist gives a better impression. Which should be given prominence? Additionally, there are a few copies of 'Writing Magazine', 'Air Forces Monthly', 'Triathalete' and 'Country Walking' in the bedroom. Each of these would give a very different impression.

Then there are a couple of copies of Viz .

I think I've spent more time considering all of this than tidying. Not that I'm an obsessive or anything. And writing this Blog post has also taken more time from the tidying...

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