Monday, 2 March 2009

Review of February 2009

February was a very strange month.
First of all, the negatives.

I was extremely annoyed by not having Internet access for a little under a week, a delay caused by TalkTalk's awful faults handling process. The annoyance was enhanced by the way that the same department handles complaints. Not recommended.

Secondly, my writing did not progress anywhere near as much as I wanted. I have reached an impasse with the detective story - I just cannot get the tone of the first 10,000 words how I want them. Until I can get this right, it seems pointless to continue. (Yes, I know this goes against all of the advice given to writers - just write it. However, in this case the problem is so fundamental that it seems pointless to continue until it is sorted).

Thirdly, I did not do as much walking as I wanted - under 100 miles, much less than I will need to complete in order to reach 1,500 miles this year.

However, on the positive side:
I have received some positive feedback on the first 10,000 words of 'The Tin Plot'.

All the four walks that I did complete were over 20 miles in length - one was just a smidgen under 25.

I have started work on another couple of projects - one related to writing, and the other to programming. I am excited about both of these.

I need to refocus myself for the month ahead - as much as anything else, there are things that need sorting for the wedding, and deadlines I need to meet for my writing.

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