Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Another coastal walker

I did a superb walk yesterday, a short one (under fifteen miles) along the eastern range of the Purbeck Hills between Swanage and Corfe Castle. It was a superb walk in so many ways, from the sunny weather to the expansive views over Dorset and the sea. Even better, I have been suffering problems with my feet this year (which is why I have been doing shorter distances), yet yesterday they hardly troubled me at all.

When I got home I found an email in my inbox about Amy, who is walking the coastline of Britain to raise money for Kidney Research UK. She has a facebook group that she posts updates in, and there is further information on the Kidney Research UK website. The plucky lady is planning to walk 6,824 miles in eight months, which rather casts my own 6,266 miles in twelves months in the shade!

Amy set off from London on the 1st of February, and is already in the south of Cornwall. She has managed to keep up a good pace, despite some rather snowy and inclement weather in February. So may I all encourage you to have a look at her facebook group and contribute a little to this woman's superb charity event.

I must admit I get conflicting emotions when I hear of people walking the coast. I am full of admiration for every one of them: from Louis, who completed the coast at the young age of 18, to Douglas Legg's rather more erratic and eccentric amble. They are all amazing people.

Yet another feeling assaulted me as I looked at Amy's beautiful pictures of our wonderful coast: jealousy. How I would love to be back out there, walking for day after day in both good weather and foul. My heart strives for it, and I wonder if I have the mental strength to complete another trip around. Personally I doubt it, and Sencan would probably kill me if I tried!

At the end of yesterday's walk I strode through the surf on Swanage beach, letting the little curling waves wash over the toes of my boots. It was a beautiful moment, and I was filled with a desire to just walk on and do another loop. Yet my life has moved on in the last eight years, and now lies firmly with a wonderful lady in Romsey. Perhaps I can persuade her to walk the coast with me...

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Mick10463 said...

Hi there Dave i came across your Blogg while googling the South West Coastal Path Walk which i am thinking of doing sometime in June let me point out i am a total couch potato.This may sound crazy but i have quit my wellpaid job which i finish in May.And this walk which i intend to do in one hit if possible will hopefuly clear my mind and maybe help with what i am going to do with the rest of my life,call it a pilgramage if you like i intend to take a small tent with backpack and just go for it.Any suggestions would be appreciated and just like to say good Blogg you have .

Cheers Mick