Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Two shouts

On my little trip this week I met up with a few people I would like to say a public 'hello!" to.

I met James Urquhart above the Falls of Falloch. He had just started a five-month continuous trip around all the Munros, and was sitting on a stone whilst staring contemplatively at the hills that surrounded us. He is filming his efforts and you can sponsor individual hills - his website is at

About an hour later I met Jade and Becky, two bouncy young women from Devon who are doing a JOGLE walk. They have a Facebook page and are writing an entertaining blog.

Both these feats have been done before, but that's not the point - hats off to all of them for attempting these feats.


James Urquhart said...

Hi David,

Seems like only yesterday that I encountered you on the WHW. I googled and managed to find your blog. After 4 months walking and 173 hills climbed, I reluctantly had to give up my journey two days ago after significant snow fell on the hills. I'm going to return in spring to finish it off. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your walking trip.

Best wishes
James (Urquhart)

David Cotton said...

Hi James,

It's a shame that you didn't manage to finish this year, but good luck for next year! Let me know when you restart and I'll add a little note onto this blog.

Best wishes,

James said...

Hi David

Here's a wee taster video of some footage I got for the film.

I'll let you know when I resume!


David Cotton said...

Hi James,

That's quite atmospheric, and contains some stunning views. Congratulations on how far you have got so far.

It really shows the difference between someone who knows how to use a camera (i.e. you) and someone who does not (i.e. me)!

Best wishes,