Saturday, 2 February 2013

More coastal walkers

I have news on three more coastal (or part-coastal) walkers:

On 26th January 2013, Craig Adams set off from Saltburn on a 6,500-7,000 miles clockwise walk around the coast. Already he's had to deal with deep snow on the Cleveland cliffs and ankle problems. He is trying to do the trip on very little money; he is taking a ukulele for busking, and would appreciate any offers of accommodation from folk living on the coast. He is raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

You can follow his progress on his Wordpress site or on Facebook.
Whilst not technically within the remit of this blog, it would be churlish of me not to mention Jannina Tredwell, who is starting a 3,500 mile walk around the coast of Ireland in February 2013, raising money for the Tusk charity. She completed the British coastal walk in 2006. You can follow her progress at her Wordpress site.

Finally, Nick Noakes is going to be walking the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts starting from Sutton Bridge on the 31st March. He is walking in memory of his son, who he lost last year.

Good luck to all three of them on their endeavours. I am rather jealous.


martin said...

You should include Tommy B :, starting off this weekend I believe.

Do you know if Nick Noakes has a website/blog?

I really enjoy your walks site. Cheers.

David Cotton said...

Thanks for that - I'll write another post about Tommy's effort soon - tomorrow, hopefully.

Nick Noakes does not have a blog that I know of, but he is on Facebook. He hadn't given me permission to publish that, so I wasn't unless he does. He should be easy to find, though.

Good luck to Tommy!