Thursday, 21 March 2013

Google Pathview?

I just noticed this post on the Ambivalent Engineer blog. It shows a man-portable Google Streetview rig, for use on trails.

More information is available at the TechCrunch website, and there is the obligatory YouTube video.

I wonder where I apply to walk the National Trails with one? ;-)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Dumb ways to die

My childhood memories are filled with public service announcements. Whether it was Darth Vader serving penance as the Green Cross Man, or warnings not to mix cross-ply and radial tyres, each film sent a carefully-constructed message.

Looking back, many of the old PSA's were dated and laughable, especially for a modern audience. Times have changed, and so have PSA's: here in the UK we have a very effective anti-drink drive advert that has run for a few years.

It is rare for such po-faced adverts to become an Internet hit. But one has: here is the brilliant PSA  'Dumb Ways to Die'. With mind worm lyrics, a catchy tune and simple Mr Men-style graphics, it is both cute and weirdly disturbing.

I won't say what it's message is, but needless to say it is very effective.