Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Review of April 2009

April turned out to be the direct opposite of the previous month; in March, I did not do much writing and instead walked. In April, I did no walking but an awful lot of writing.

The walking is a disappointment. I had a tooth extracted at the beginning of the month that knocked me out for a while (one day I was on the verge of passing out on the M3, and ┼×encan had to take over driving). It was not a pleasant time, but that is no excuse. The truth is that my heart is not in walking, in the same way that it was not for a great part of last year. I need to fix this.

Writing, on the other hand, went brilliantly. I was hoping to finish the first draft of S&V by the end of the month, and I only just missed that target (I completed it on Sunday, two or three days late). The draft is rough and needs re-working in some areas, but nonetheless I think it is very good. As a reward I went out to the Tank Museum at Bovington yesterday - a great day out.

In May I'm going to be putting S&V to one side and turning my attention back onto The Tin Plot. This needs another read-through and (hopefully) minor edit - I haven't touched it since February, so it feels relatively fresh. As well as this, there are various things that need doing for the wedding - we should be getting the invites back, and so those will need to be sent out. On top of all of this, I need to get a few walks done, for my health if nothing else.

The year is positively flying by...

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