Saturday, 23 October 2010


I like creating words; arranging random syllables and letters to construct new words with weird meanings. As of this week, I have a new one: womiting. 

I did a 24-mile walk last Monday over slight hills whilst carrying full camping gear. I had not been well the night before, and was not 100% when I set off. The walk was a strain on the system, especially as I had not done a proper walk for five weeks. Near the end, when I was running out of energy, I was sick behind a startlingly convenient bush. After swilling my mouth out with water I continued on, feeling significantly better.

This is a phenomenon that I have experienced before, always whilst carrying a pack on a strenuous walk. It does not seem to be related to how much or little I have drunk or eaten, or my general well-being. It usually happens near the end of the day. The nausea comes on quickly, and after vomiting, I feel fine.

I have therefore defined this as 'Womiting', or walking whilst vomiting.

When I was on the coastal walk, it probably occurred about once a month. Usually I feel fine afterwards. Monday was a different matter. I finished at the Sliver Plough in Pitton and had a pint whilst I waited for Sencan to pick me up. We went home and I had a bath; I was aching, but aside from that had no unusual problems. However, on Tuesday morning I woke up and was violently sick several times. Whatever the problem was, it knocked me sideways for a couple of days.

I wonder if other walkers suffer from similar symptoms. 

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