Tuesday, 30 November 2010

15,000 miles

I did a 16-mile walk yesterday, taking in Hengistbury Head and the coastline west to Bournemouth. It was a cold day, but there was no sign of the snow that had bedevilled much of the country. There were some great views from the cliffs in the morning, before the skies slowly clouded over.

The big news is this: as of yesterday, I have walked 15,000 miles since I started logging my walks in 1999.

I had expected to feel really exhilarated, as I did when I reached 10,000 miles. Instead I feel strangely numb. There are so many walks remaining to be done, and so many experiences to be had. I can't wait.


Alan Sloman said...

Interesting, David. What walks do you record in your log?

David Cotton said...

Hi Alan,

I used to record all walks up to 2000/1, mainly because I was trying to get myself fit.

Now I just record them if they are not already on my 'site, or different - for instance, I am redoing parts of the SWCP with my wife, so that's going onto the 'site.

I reckon I've walked 200 miles this year alone that I haven't recorded on the 'site.