Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Sprayway Equinox Zip AW10 base layer

I was on a trip to Castleton recently; not for walking, but just for a look around. I got chatting to the salesman inside one of the outdoor shops, and ended up walking out with a Sprayway Equinox base layer shirt.

I am not normally attracted to fads, and tend to run away from anything described as innovative, especially when I am paying for it. Having said that, the base layer felt soft to the touch and was surprisingly warm against the skin when I tried one on. Allegedly it wicks exceptionally well due to its construction - it uses 55% coconut fibres - without the odours normally caused by wicking materials.

After faffing around for a while, I decided to purchase one. I wore it over the next few days - although not on a walk - and was impressed by its performance. It feels soft against my skin, far better than the usual synthetic base layers.

I have worn it on a few walks, and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. It certainly feels much warmer than my usual Helly Hansen or Lowe Alpine base layers, and it had no problems in wicking my sweat away. And yes, it did seem to smell less. The proof of the pudding will be whether or not it will be too warm when walking in summer.

I could make some minor criticisms: the zip is slightly too tight on my neck, and I would have preferred it not to have a crew-neck. But these are minor niggles on what is otherwise an excellent base layer.


Alan Sloman said...

Wossiss? A Gear review, David? (Shakes head and wanders off...)


David Cotton said...

Come back! Come back! :-)

Considering I probably only get one or two genuinely new pieces of kit a year, the reviews won't become a common thing. They'll easily get lost between my rantings about politics, technology, walking and anything else that catches my eye as my mind flutters hither and thither.

I have been genuinely impressed with this shirt though.

The Odyssee said...

Hi David.
Aldi are currently selling 100% Merino baselayers (about 150 grade) for £15. Thats a crew neck, short sleeve top. They are doing long johns as well but i don't need any of these.
I bought 2. Cant go wrong at that price.