Saturday, 26 February 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...?

Şencan's in Turkey for a week whilst I get on with the house move (yes, she planned that well). It is her first visit to her parents for three years, and hence long overdue. But it has meant that I have been left home (or more accurately, homes) alone during a fairly hectic and stressful time.

I like to think of myself as being a fairly independent individual. I cast scorn on fashion, and can easily engross myself in a book for a day, or a walk for a fortnight. I do not feel the need to go out every night with my mates, nor to be constantly on the phone to people I hardly know.

Yes, I am independent, and yet I felt lonely within a day of Şencan leaving. Part of me is missing, cast asunder to a foreign land. I have no-one to smile with, to joke, laugh, kiss and hug. She - the core of my existence - is apart.

A few minutes ago she phoned me up from a friend's house in Turkey. She is enjoying herself, but the mere sound of her voice raised my spirits and made me feel whole. The slough of despond into which I had sunk was evaporated by the mere sound of her voice.

This is surely love.

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rfwitch said...

I've left my comments as an email, lest I gush too much in public, but I miss you too, especially since we were talking about you a lot. :-)

I love you.

Look at us. Disgustingly gooey as usual!