Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sandlings Way

Following a recommendation from Griffmonster, I spent Monday and Tuesday strolling along the Sandlings Way. And wow, what a hidden gem it is. The trail starts just outside Ipswich, and wastes no time in finding some glorious stretches of heathland. The sunny weather probably helped a great deal, but Monday's walk past Woodbridge was one of the best I have done for some time. Woodbridge itself, nestled on the banks of the Deben, is always worth a loiter.

Yesterday's walk through Rendlesham Forest was (slightly) less exhilarating, especially as I had to turn it into a circular walk due to a lack of public transport. Despite this it was still an enjoyable stroll.

The going is easy underfoot, often with a sandy soil, and there were no ascents or descents worth the name. I can hardly wait to do the next stretch. Unfortunately, transport is once again a problem.

I car-camped on Monday night, the idea being to give my kit a test before the season starts. It was a bitterly cold night, and the condensation within the Westwind was the worst that I can remember. Time will tell if this is a long-term problem or due to the conditions on the night.

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The Odyssee said...

Hi David,
This is not an area i have ever walked in but looks nice and easy.
I believe the Westwind does have big condensation problems. A friend of mine had one and he eventually changed it simply because of that. Shame because it is a nice tent. Maybe you could get some mods done to increase ventilation.
I have not tried my Tarptent Moment yet so i hope it isn’t as bad.