Sunday, 9 November 2008

Initial ramblings from Southampton

I found it hard to find a title for this blog: After hearing about Labour's win in the Glenrothes by-election, I came up with 'reduced expectations'. But no, it had gone. 'lessened expectations' was available, as was 'few expectations', but neither were really right. For one thing, 'lessened' is a harder word to type and spell than 'reduced'.

I wanted something that would sum up my attitude to life, and as I am in a rather negative viewpoint this morning, 'reduced expectations' seemed to fit the bill.

However my partner, the ever-lovely ┼×encan, said that I need to be more positive. The only problem being that, this morning at least, I feel far from positive. So, after much thought, I decided on 'A Walker's Ramblings'. Why? Well first of all, I am a long-distance walker (14,000 miles walked in ten years). Secondly, this blog will contain my assorted ramblings, whether they be on walking, politics, writing, technology, space, or anything else that catches my fancy.

This will not be a themed blog, although a theme may appear over time. I fear that not having a theme may lead to a lack of readers; someone may like a posting on (say) walking, then get turned off by one on politics. If so, then I apologise. I will, however, attempt to use labels to help readers find relevant posts.

Most of all, I hope that you enjoy reading my general musings.

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