Tuesday, 30 December 2008

My Writing

I am a would-be author; that is, I am a writer who has yet to be published. It is a situation that will be familiar to many.

Over the last four years I have written six novels in various genres, each one better than the last as I learn the trade. I am well aware that publishing is an incredibly competitive industry, and that in order to get published your writing needs to be as of high a quality as possible. For this reason, I have chosen not to send out anything to agents and publishers until I am sure that the writing is of good enough quality. I shall write about this another time.

There are two main projects I am working on:

Currently I am editing a historical drama, set in 1820s Cornwall. This is the first novel that I truly believe is of publishable quality without a heavy edit, and consequently is taking up most of my time.

Additionally, I am planning another novel, this time a modern-day detective story set in Southampton. The current work on this project is developing the characters, plot and describing the locations that will be used.

I shall write about both of these stories over the next couple of months.

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