Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas cards

It is the time of year when I go searching the shops for Christmas cards to send to our friends. We still have a large stock from last year, but I like to buy afresh each year (I should really buy them in the sales in January, but that requires a level of organisation that I have not yet achieved).

We have a few friends who are religious, and it is nice to send them religiously-themed cards. And you know what? Looking through several shops, we found only one multipack of cards with a religious theme. There were plenty of snowy scenes, Robins, Santas and the like, but virtually none the depict the actual reason for Christmas - religion.

Clintons Cards, Waitrose and the two local newsagents were the same - a near-total absence of religion.

Even though I am not religious, I think this is a shame. Millions of people in the UK are religious, and it appears as though they are not being catered for.

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