Sunday, 13 February 2011

Thirteen more walks on the website.

There are many more walks on the website. this update has been particularly fraught as I decided to update all of the scripts that generate the 'site as I moved them to my PC. The scripts had been hacked together over more than a decade and are mostly written in a language called Perl; some of the old code was incompatible with the newer versions of Perl. As I had to do some changes to get them to work, it seemed sensible to do some more general improvements...

With hindsight, this was probably a mistake ;-)

All the pages now seem to be in order. Each page has another section added, as requested by a reader, detailing some walks near to each walk. Otherwise the page format should be unchanged.

The walks from 2010:

876West Parley to Blandford Forum19.513/12/2010
875A circular walk from Iford to West Parley14.909/12/2010
874A circular walk between Hengistbury Head and Bournemouth15.829/11/2010
873Seaton to Sidford12.427/11/2010
872Charmouth to Seaton11.906/11/2010

The walks from 2011:

884Marnhull to Gillingham via Stourhead21.403/02/2011
883Blandford Forum to Pillwell20.201/02/2011
882Yarmouth to West Cowes17.427/01/2011
881A circular walk from Yarmouth to the Needles18.924/01/2011
880Ventnor to Freshwater Bay19.220/01/2011
879Ryde to Ventnor19.019/01/2011
878West Cowes to Ryde via Newport17.604/01/2011
877A stroll around Christchurch Harbour13.002/01/2011

As you can see, I've been fairly busy...

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AlanR said...

Thanks David. Always a pleasure to read.