Friday, 22 February 2013

And then there were four...

Thanks to Google, I have found details of a fourth coastal walker.

John Rayment set off from Tilbury on the 1st August 2012, and hopes to complete his stroll by 31st October 2013. He is raising money for three Parkinson's charities, and has a Facebook page with many photos of his walk, and a charity page. Rather sensibly he has taken the winter off, and restarts from Glandyfi in March.

In less than a month there will be four separate coastal walkers on the go, along with many more sectional walkers. After a rather fallow 2011, it is great to see more people enjoying our coast.

I have updated my list of all coastal walkers to include all the latest walkers.


Anonymous said...

It's going to get crowded out there!

I'm particularly enjoying Tommy B's walk ( as he's using social media in all its glorious forms to keep us updated. He also writes well.

David Cotton said...

Yes, four people walking at the same time equals the best in 1995, although two of those were walking as a couple. Yet in 2011 there were not any non-stop coast walkers(at least none I have head about).

Tommy B's blog is entertaining; I can only hope his hip problems sort themselves out - it's miserable walking in pain.

However, I'm sort of obsessed (in a good way) with Christian's walk, as shown on Facebook. I just can't imagine sleeping rough for 200 nights (without even a tent).

A tough guy.