Friday, 31 January 2014

Getting back to walking

I've decided to wean myself back onto walking. It's nearly a year since my back went, and none of the exercises seems to be fixing it fully. I therefore intend to try putting my rucksack back on and heading out on a few trial walks. Perhaps the cause will also be the cure.

My first plan was to walk the guided busway between St Ives and Cambridge, but I have walked that many times before, and the stretch near St Ives is flooded (as it always seems to be).

I'm therefore looking for another route. Ideally it would have the following criteria:

  1. Between 10 and 15 miles;
  2. Preferable on a good surface due to the weather;
  3. Has public transport at regular intervals in case my back goes
  4. Optionally has lots of interest to see and do.
  5. Preferably within easy access of Cambridge.

I's prefer an easy (tarmac / gravel) walk as any slipping is likely to aggravate my back. So I'm thinking old railway lines, or possible canals through / between towns of cities.

Any ideas?

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Walk around the British coast said...

Hi David, I've had a lot of back problems myself over the last 10 years due mainly(I believe)to my height(6ft4ins), anyhow I tried Chiro's (useless)but the best thing I found was the Physio at my local GP, they worked miracles now all I getis the odd twinge.. Also Very Important limit the weight of your pack, even on a full week away I only take a 25lt pack, it means I have to wash on the go but its better than carrying all the weight on your back.....oh yea I took up running (5k 3x week) and that helped a lot......Re a good walk, Southwold to Gt Yarmouth nice and flat and plenty of places to abandon if need be.