Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Some thoughts after the election aftermath: final thoughts

So that is my view of the current situation. The impetus lies with the Conservatives and the SNP, and politics over the next five years may well be defined by the relationship between those two parties.

I expected the result of this election to be a mess, and even considered another election in November as being likely. I was wrong, and I take little condolence from the fact that nearly everyone else was wrong as well.

This is how I rate the position of the political parties:

  • Conservatives are undoubtedly in the best position.
  • SNP have done a stellar job, and are in a prime position for the negotiation about the future of the UK.
  • UKIP have built a very firm base, but must be slightly disappointed they did not get more MPs.
  • Greens have made solid progress, but again they deserved more MPs.
  • Labour have lost an election they should have won, and also lost much of their intellectual heart.
  • Liberal Democrats are suffering. There is a way back for them, but it will be a long process.

One last note of warning about the leadership elections that face Labour, the Liberal Democrats and possibly UKIP. An orderly changeover to a competent person can play wonders for a party. A disorderly, argumentative changeover to a competent person can irrecoverably harm the new leader. As an example, Ed Miliband never fully recovered from his somewhat disruptive election as leader. The candidates would be wise to remember that as they fight amongst themselves.

Another last note: it is odd to think that the leaders of the main UK parties - Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and perhaps UKIP - might well all be different at the 2020 general election when compared to this one. I've a good feeling that that is (yes, you've guessed) unprecedented.


AlanR said...

Interesting points David. I think it was touch and go for a labour win until the voters on the fence realised that labour would have to go in with the SNP to swing it. I think that thought alone resulted in numbers changing sides to blue to keep the SNP out of a coalition.
But my own brief thoughts were. Have I seen enough of labour to convince me that they can improve on the mess the country was in 5 years ago. Answer no. Is it worth giving the Tories another term. Answer yes.
I would like to see the NHS taken out of the political ring and manage it as a stand alone business rather than a political pawn. It is far too important and it needs stability.

David Cotton said...

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your comment. It seems the country pretty much agreed with you.

As for the NHS, I have some thoughts on this which I might post sometime soon.

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