Friday, 14 January 2011

The Assange case has just got nastier.

I have been closely watching the Julian Assange case over the last few months. It is impossible at the current time to know what the truth is, especially as there is so much FUD being thrown about - rumours about the state of Swedish law, claims and counter-claims about whether the charges were initially dropped, etc. People appear to have made up their minds with few facts on the table, and are fervently trying to make the facts fit their pre-formed opinions.

I believe that it is everyone's responsibility to be sensible when discussing the case. That is why this blog post (*) makes my blood boil. In an article headed with the totally biased title, 'The name of Julian Assange’s other false rape accuser is ......' (I have removed the woman's name), the writer not only names the woman, but also posts pictures of her.

I am on record as being in favour of both the victim and accused having anonymity until such time as a conviction occurs; anonymity for just one party seems unjust to me. However, that does not mean that the opposite is true; that both parties should be named.

The blog post is an awful rant that runs counter to justice, using phrases such as 'stalkerish groupie' with abandon. The writer is someone who has no idea of the effect that rape claims - just or unjust - can have on all the parties involved. He has made up his mind, and is on a campaign with the fervour of a religious zealot.

I would like to ask the author of the post why he thinks people need to know the accuser's name? What good can posting pictures of her possibly do, except to place her under added stress and pain? I believe that this post places her life (and that of the other woman) in further danger. Some of the comments on the blog post are frankly sickening.

The truth about the Assange case is out there, but I doubt we will ever know the truth...

(*) I was in two minds about whether or not I should link to the post: on one hand it makes it more likely for the woman's name to be spread further; on the other, it allows people to read the post and make up their own minds. In the end I decided on the latter. Unfortunately the link will also increase the guy's google ranking...

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