Saturday, 8 January 2011

Rubbish, part 2

I did a walk on the Isle of Wight earlier this week. I arrived in Cowes on the FastJet, and the first thing I noticed were hundreds of rubbish bags strewn around. Some houses had ten bags on the street outside them, and many bags stank despite the cold weather. The whole of West Cowes was a mess (in contrast, East Cowes on the other side of the Medina was relatively litter-free).

We must have been lucky in Romsey; our collections were little delayed by the bad weather. But I wonder why the situation has been so different on the Isle of Wight. It looks like the collections were hit by the snow, but that was before Christmas.

I wonder if people can sue the council for littering by not collecting the rubbish? After all, the council can sue people who leave their rubbish on the streets for too long...

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