Saturday, 29 January 2011

The sinking of HMS Invincible

One of the oddest conspiracy theories is that, during the Falklands War, HMS Invincible was sunk by the Argentinian air force. Proponents of this theory can be seen vehemently arguing their position in various dark places on the web, for instance here, on MilitaryForums and on Abovetopsecret. There is even a video reconstruction of the alleged sinking, accompanied with suitably patriotic music.

It is obvious patent rubbish for all number of reasons; it would have been exceptionally difficult to cover up the loss of an aircraft carrier, and the same number of carriers returned to Portsmouth as went out. Unlike the sinking of HMS Dasher in World War II, the Falklands War was fought in the glare of the media and TV cameras. The conspiracy theory becomes increasingly convoluted as the theorists reluctantly accept these points, altering the theory to the extent of having the Americans build a 'secret' Invincible class carrier.

One of the funniest of these alterations was when someone pointed out that, if the theory is correct, the wreck should still be in the waters around the Falklands. The answer was hilarious: the British have secretly raised the wreck and taken it for dismantling. All in secret, without anyone seeing the operation.

The loss of the Falklands war is still an open sore with many Argentinians. This leads some to understandably try to counteract the loss of face. Believing that they sunk the British flagship - and that the British have kept it secret to avoid embarrassment - fits the bill.

In attempting to save face, they are just making themselves seem ridiculous.

If it is true - and I have to consume a great deal of alcohol to even contemplate it - then Thatcher's government should be congratulated on a perfect example of deception and media manipulation. Of course, that shows how impossible it is....


The Odyssee said...

David I guarantee to you that it’s codswallop. If it had gone down and up again or similar, my mate who was the weapons officer on Invincible during the crisis would by now have mentioned it.
Unless there is a silence conspiracy also. Hm never thought about that. Lol.

David Cotton said...

Many conspiracy theorists would say that you're just a shill (how I hate that term) paid by the government to go on websites and say that.

Which is the problem with many who believe in conspiracy theories. They become like the faithful in some arcane religion; the truth is so obvious that anyone who cannot see the truth is either a) stupid, b) against them, or c) both stupid and against them.