Monday, 7 January 2019

Suburban wildlife

I did a walk on Saturday. During it, I saw two foxes (one of which seemed as large as a large dog), a herd of wild deer (one with massive antlers), and loads of squirrels, ducks, geese etc. All were fairly unflustered by my presence - the deer allowed me to get within about thirty metres of them before they ambled into the trees.

I wouldn't mention this, except the entire walk was well within the borders of the M25. London can be surprisingly rural.

I'm afraid these are not the best photos, and have been heavily cropped, but at least show I'm not suffering from some strange form of walker's madness ...
An urban fox.

Geese and swans on a lake in Hainault Country Park. 
A suburban deer.

Whatch'ya looking at ?

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